Imperative Verbs In The Woods!

After a short wait for the bus with some impromptu counting in tens and games of ‘Rock, Paper or Scissors’, we set off to Wiggery Wood for a morning of fun.

The Year two Badgers prepared themselves for a bossy morning working with imperative verbs and commanding sentences. In pairs, they cleared a writing area, thought of an imperative verb and then wrote it on the ground with Autumn leaves. We enjoyed sharing our words and making the actions when we put them into commanding sentences.

We also sang lots of songs in the woods this week. One song was ‘Happy Birthday’ (!! 😊) and the other was our Remembrance song as we walked back to the bus, banging a water bottle drum as we walked.

Adjectives, Nouns and Verbs!

Badger Class have had a funny week playing with different types of words. We managed to create some super list poems about fireworks by just using an adjective, a noun and a verb! (Or a describing word, a naming word and a doing/action word! 😊)

We worked hard to find the different adjectives, nouns and verbs throughout this week, including using a thesaurus! We then sorted the words into columns on the board and made some funny fireworks sentences for our class list poem. We really laughed at some of the word combinations!

We have also had fireworks fun with glitter, the computer, black sugar paper and pastels.

Stay safe this weekend Badger Class and remember to follow the Fireworks Code!

Fun Phonics!

Badger Class have enjoyed some of their phonics lessons outside this week. Year One children have been ordering the letters of the alphabet, finding the five vowels and working on the digraphs ai and oi. The Year two’s have been sorting the long vowels into different groups. Great work!

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Another Great Week In Badgers!

The Brilliant Badgers have had another amazing week at school!

We have been busy measuring with cubes and then very accurately with centimetres. We measured the length of our bodies and made huge flowers which are as tall as us! You can see them in the hall on our ‘Beanstalk Maths’ display.

In our English lesson we have continued to learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and are now experts at retelling it, using fantastic actions and expression.

This week saw us return to Wiggery Woods in our new jobs as role models and investigative learners! A very enthusiastic and mature start to our Wiggery Woods sessions.

What a fantastic week! ☺

Busy Beanstalk Badgers!

Badgers have had a great week and deserve a rest this weekend!

In P.E we have ‘bean’ dancing as the sunshine, raindrops and wind to make our body beanstalks grow, studying seeds and planting broad beans and sunflowers in Science, and creating 2D and 3D Giant’s castles in maths -whilst learning all about the different shapes and the funny names used to describe them! We also danced and sang to the ‘Oats and Beans’ song, made actions to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and so much more…

Well done Badgers!

World Book Day In Squirrels

These photos are from our early morning work on World Book Day. Many of the parents joined us to complete a selection of fun story related activities. These included creating an A-Z of our favourite story titles and developing our own story character. It was a great start to our day!