Art Club Celebrates Diwali

Art Club enjoyed learning about and celebrating Diwali in the last couple of weeks of half term. They worked hard to make their own Diva lamps from clay and then paint them using their own patterns and designs. They also explored different rangoli patterns and had a go at making their own on black paper using bright colours. We also looked closely at different mehndi patterns and tried some ourselves on a hand template. We found out that it is actually quite tricky!

Art Club Fun!

We had great fun in art club this week!
We made our own beautiful African oil pastel pictures with our chosen African animal, designed our own African masks and had a go at colouring some amazing detailed masks!

A fun filled and very busy art club!

After School Art Club

Art Club is every Tuesday after school and is available to children in Badger class.

They have had a great time looking at work by famous artists and then recreated their own masterpieces in the style of those artists. These include Goldsworthy, Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, and Jackson Pollock.

Here is a selection of photographs from our club, we hope you enjoy them!