Gardening Hedgehogs!

Wow! What a busy day we have had today in Hedgehog Class! We began the day by giving our outdoor area a good clean and we were excited to see some special tyres for us to plant in and explore! We then got busy planting flowers and seeds and decorating pebbles and pots. We made pictures and patterns with the stones on the grass and even had a go at using them to make an outline of each other!
In the afternoon we enjoyed some more planting and we had a go at building a giant scarecrow! We had to think carefully about how to join it together and how to make it stable enough so that it didn’t fall over!

We had a fantastic day spent outside and we would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents who brought in pots, soil, flowers and seeds for us to use!

Summer Fun in Hedgehog Class

Here are some photographs of the exciting things we have been up to in Hedgehog Class this past couple of weeks!

We enjoyed the sunshine last week and found fun ways to keep ourselves cool! We paddled our feet in cold water and enjoyed a special ice lolly from Mrs Broyd to celebrate her birthday. We also started to practise some of the races ready for sports day – we are getting really good at the egg and spoon race! Plus we had a go at some other new activities as well!

As part of our seaside topic we investigated the different shapes and colours of a range of shells. We chose our favourite and had a go at drawing it. We also pretended to take a trip to the seaside and we thought about what we might need to pack to take with us!

We were also very lucky as our parents came and joined us for lunch on Friday. We were so excited all day! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Wiggery Wood

It was lovely and cool in the woods last week amongst the shade of the trees. It was also perfect weather to go bug hunting! We found lots of giant worms and slugs!

With the help of Mrs Plumb some children made beautiful natural mobiles with feathers, pine cones and leaves that they found around the woods.

Hedgehogs at the Danceathon!

Here are some of the photographs from our danceathon! We had so much fun and we definitely deserved our ice creams at the end!